[OverWatch D.Va Tips Videos & Comments] Top 5 DVA Tips To Rank Up Fast! | Overwatch Guide

Top 5 DVA Tips To Rank Up Fast! | Overwatch Guide

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We are planning some awesome giveaways very soon! What kind of things would you guys like a chance to win?

Trying to throw good DVA bomb = no killsThrows random crappy bomb = atleast 4 kills

“D.va’s ult is the best ult in the game to get the enemy team to move to a specific location.”……Zarya’s Eye Twitches

So that’s why I’ve been ranking up… In order to reach Korean levels you must become the Korean

I am playing d.va right!!! I use her ult as a zoning tool and people get upset at me for it…which is dumb. One thing that sucks when I pick D.va is people don’t go on tanks because I’m d.va…which makes being d.va hard because she is better as a second tank rather then a bullet sponge like other tanks. I love these tips.

Could u do a guide only for Positioning with examples. I think it would really help a lot cause its not an easy thing.

Defense matrix can destroy Moira’s ball, as far as I know this is the only counter to it. So when playing against a Moira it’s definitely good to keep an eye on her and all it takes is a quick feather to get rid of it.

That widow at the end lmao. koreans do that shit in every game.

U should go for kills with dva’s ult if your rank is plat or lower

One other thing you can do as dva is use your melee at the end of a boost, I have gotten so many kill confirms by using this method and has proven to be super effective.

Do more tank videos I think tanks and supports benefit the most from these because most dps can improve from getting more mechanical skill while us tank players and support players need better positioning and decision making which is hard to improve without great videos like this! Keep up the good work

Heh I’m probably really stupid because I’m fully familiar with most of those tips for a looong time and as a D.Va main i still reside in low plat… Well. not everyone is meant to be the champ :D

Report that D.Va for griefing the enemy Widow.

omg i just realised the music in the background is the spirited away music :O

But getting kills with the ult is just fine

1 D.VA TIP for EVERY HERO ft. Emongg

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EXTRA GENERAL TIP: You can melee + booster jet cancel as well, except you have to be right in their face to get the damage off. Emongg is also the battle net launcher streamer of the week, go check him out! P.S. eat his balls.https://www.twitch.tv/emongghttp://youtube.com/emongg

Here’s a general tip:Turn your sensitivity to max and fly around as D.va while moving the mouse as much as possibleIt’s not too useful. It just looks funny as hell to everyone else

YOU CAN ALSO EAT HIS BALLS WHEN HE DIES. Emongg knows where its at

General tip: Every Dva voice line is actually a tactical weapon to use against your opponent in the 4D meta-game that is psychological warfare.


A few other tips from my own experience:1. Know your maps. There are some key areas (final point of most payloads for example) with very little cover you can get huge value out of your ult2. You can be pretty aggressive as Pilot D.Va if you’re with your team. Her tiny hitbox is very hard to deal with. Use that to get your Mech back fast. I see lots of D.Va’s spend way too much time in Pilot mode because they’re too afraid to get out and do some damage.3. A wombo combo with Rein I rarely see others use against an enemy team with a Rein of their own: Rather than waiting to get rid of his shield, throw your mech behind him, once he turns around to block it, have your Rein hit his Earthshatter4. Try to attack Widow from her side, she can’t see you while scoped and many don’t listen that well and won’t hear you coming. Get up close then unleash missiles and primary5. Always be bossing the Pharah. Fly in her face with primary and missiles as much as you can. Even if you can’t kill her (often you can) you’ll make her life miserable and deny her a ton of value.

OWL needs Emongg

Extra D.va tip that wasn’t mentioned with Hog, similar to Mei as soon as you get hooked, throw your mouse to the side when you’re pulled so that way he can’t get a clean headshot on you. It’ll hit armor, and will usually not burst you down as much. Just wanted to throw this out here because it’s saved my mech and my life so many times, it needed to be said in addition to the Mei tip of a similar nature.

I’m so looking forward to see Emongg in owl

Additionally:Soldier’s ult can’t headshot, meaning he won’t do as much damage to you as usual when you go in for the bodyblock.Mercy’s passive health regen is cancelled by any damage, including the minimal damage by your primary from long range.

3:37 LMFAO

That new intro is L I TEDIT: Oh a heart. Yay <3

I’ve watched 2 of this series and they are so good. Plenty of these tips I’ve never been able to find anywhere else or this well explained. Some big name pros with great expertise too. Thanks for the time and effort making this for the Overwatch community.

I don’t even play d.va I just like watching these videos from karq

Hanzo with wraxu!

PRO DVA COACHING | Guide to being where your team needs you to be | Feedback, Tips & Tricks!

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hey sci, i would love to watch your regular videos, but i have a rare disease that makes me unable to watch videos that includes the Officer Dva skin. Could you please use a different one, just once? it’s my dying wish 🙂 thank you!

“Do you see where those guys are pushing up? Mmmnnnnnn-hopefully they come back”Me on ANY map defending ever TT-TT

I’m a Dva main and I definitively need to be coached, I’m not bad I’m not great I’m in the middle ground. I have my moments sometimes though

Thanks for the vid, i’m a main d.va and your vids are helping a lot, im learning how to be a pro d.va ;)

The guy wasn’t bad at all

Wow this really helped me realise how important is it to stay with the team, i usually like to take charge and go after enemies away from my team and using the DM for myself but i didnt realise it could save my team too, so i’ll practice more on helping my teammates rather than getting kills for myself. thank you for sharing these great tips :)

#1 Great video, thanks for the effort providing it. #2 I hate Mei.

Favorite Dva player <3 I love rekting people with her >:)Only small problem is how to use ult correctly and when to safely call back mech?

I’m a xbox player and downloading of version now I wanna be a tNk main I wanna learn diva then orisa then rien then zarya then hog I’m silver on xbox I started playing 8 months ago

Hey bro, I’m Dva main on ps4. I would Love to have you coach me. If that’s possible. I’m 2700 SR right now.

You should analyze other D.Vas gameplay and give advice

16:30 he wasn’t even in his mech yet bruh, how he supposed to matrix

What rank is the person you are coaching

you can kind of put up a fight using d matrix and missle on reaper then boost shoot after to mess with him aim

What’s the name of the intro song??

Fuel Pro Tips | DVa Tips and Tricks | Mickie

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People asking for seagull don’t realise mickie is a good dva and was once one of the best in the world

Akm on genji pro tips,Dallas pls MAKE IT Happen 🤖🇫🇷 even if its only for the memes

Tip 1: wait for taimou to go to the bathroom and then sub in seagull

Anything with Mickie is Poggers.

never forget…Lightning McQueen blew a two lap lea

this is at least a few weeks old, mickie still has his old hair. Now its gray

this was very helpful tybtw, comments, seagull was learning dva during the beginning of the league stages, mickie has played dva for longer, even tho he was overly aggressive

Mickie, how do you feel about only being 10th on Mykl’s hottest OWL players.

You should have Taimou do Widowmaker tips

Mickie is the greatest person on earth.

Unkoe zen tips

Dallas Fuel is the best. like if you agree

zen is die

i will AKM with soldier tips or genji tipsand UnkoE with zen tipsEDIT: GO FRANCE :D

Seagull pharah tips?

The ONLY D.Va guide you should ever need

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The only D.Va guide you SHOULD ever need… until she gets another rework a month later OMEGALULI’m uploading this immediately even though I know it’ll instantly get demonitized because I love yo faces all that much. Big thanks to my patreons that assist me both with critiquing the videos whilst they’re in production, and for making up the money YouTube no longer gives me during the adpocalypse.Follow my socials to keep up-to-date with everything going on with my video production!https://twitter.com/ALevel5Pidgeyhttps://twitch.tv/Level_5_Pidgeyhttps://www.patreon.com/ALevel5PidgeyAlso, join the discord! We will all love you, promise. level5TEEHEE https://discord.gg/nm4yWUV❄️ Timestamps (for those on mobile) ❄️00:11 – Introduction01:39 – D.Va’s Kit01:46 – (Weapons)03:38 – (Defense Matrix)05:13 – (Boosters)07:01 – (Micro Missiles)08:56 – (Ult: Call Mech)10:31 – (Ult: Self-Destruct)13:09 – Matchups13:41 – D.Va’s Roles14:15 – (Offensive)15:15 – (Defensive)15:55 – Settings16:26 – (Console)17:29 – (PC)19:01 – Fin

Dva protec, Dva attac, but most importantly, Dva get her mech bac

Winkyface winkyfacewinkyface winkyfacewinkyfacewinkyface winkyface winkyfacewinkyface winkyface happyhalloweeeen winkyface winkyfacewinkyfacewinkyface

7:16She proteccShe attaccBut most importantlyShe thicc

Best guide I’ve seen for any hero. The format is really instructive and comprehensive. I notice that most of the content on your channel is DVa related, but I would absolutely love guides in a similar format for any other heroes that you’d want to cover. Really nice work

0:37b o iit me

Can you please make more dva bomb location videos maybe for watch point or another payload map. Those type of videos are super helpful.

Nice new information! Don’t quite understand strafe-eject though..

Nailed it as usual bud! Even included the melee cancel that not too many people know about ^-^ Also when you got to the “matchups” section, I was even questioning how you were going to fit it all in the vid since, for D.Va, they aren’t so simple xD It really lives up to the name of the vid – couldn’t praise you enough, man! ❤️

tastes guide …needs a bit more guide…

So many of my friends who are D.Va mains act like I need to respect them and they’re the second coming of Jesus,why is that?(Rein/Lucio/Mccree main btw)

Nice guide. I recently made it to master with D.Va. :D


when you are so early that the video isnt 1080p yet

Ever since her nerf I feel like I got bad at her lol. Her meka feels like its made out of papier mache

Overwatch | TOP 500 DVA – Master Guide (ft Level5Pidgey)

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It’s pretty hard to eat a D.Va bomb.

Yes, lets nerf everything that is not dps. That is sure to make the game better…

I’d be okay with adding a second to boosters cooldown, or nerfing the damage of rockets, but I wouldn’t want a health nerf. That plus her crit box would just be too much.

I’m confused by the title. “The Master” “Top 500” ?? Which is it

D.Va is my favorite tank, I use her quite often as a response to dive comps. She’s also the best Pharah’s counter. I just fear that Blizzard will rework her again.

When dva loses her mech she like “Honey wheres my super suit?”

This is the third time this man has told me I only need one d.va guide lmao

She is my main wish I could play her more but if I do there is no support on the team.

I think defense matrix is fine, and so is her health. People are really mad about her dive potential and almost guaranteed kills. Nerfing her health would be bad for her all around. So, I’d say maybe target her dive potential. I guess maybe turn up the booster or rocket cooldown. Either way I think she’s fine. She has a whole lot of counters, but people go straight to asking for a nerf instead of switching to benefit their team.

the host of this channel keeps fishing for dva nerfs

Remember to report Rayleigh guys.

That moment when you eat a Dva bomb :)

Check out Level5Pidgey’s YouTube channel for much more info on D.Va. I’m on only my second and a half season after getting the game last July (started mid way through season 5 and quit shortly after placements) and I’ve gone from 1100 SR to 25-2600 with D.Va as a main and I’m still climbing.

Make D.va a tank again.

Oh my god I just turned level 117 and just my first golden guns for her. I worked hard for them. Over 1,000 comp points

Overwatch Coaching – USE THE BOMB! D.Va – PLATINUM 2753 SR – [OverAnalyzed]

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Hi!, I’m the player featured in this video( CakeForCat) and firstly I want to say I’m really grateful for this Overanalized video, Thanks Sty!I’ve been needing a proper review of my gameplay for a long time, because I knew I make a lot of mistakes but I’m aware of them but still don’t know exactly what are they. After watching this I’m gonna start to work on my Ult usage and positioning a lot more. I wanted to send you a video for a long time but i wanted it to be attractive for your series (new D.va gameplay) and also a culmination of most of my bad behavior. I agree with your review a lot, you made a lot of constructive criticism but I want to clarify one play I think you interpreted the wrong way. The first bomb I used (the YOLO bomb :D), I was actually aiming to hit the place where most people hide when they see a D.va ult incoming. It was something like the reverse psychology bomb from reddit, but you were right, I got kinda lucky. I just wanted to say that bomb had a little more meaning to it than you thought, but don’t get me wrong, I agree on everything you said there, It was one of those bad games you play from time to time. I’m not saying that in other games I’m 100% better but that I don’t make so many mistakes usually. Anyway thanks for the video, I’m gonna try to get better thanks to you. I hope other people can learn from this Overanalized too.


Sombra is a support, guys

11:49 hEy gUuuUUuyS…wHen yOU gEt HuuUUrT…uSe mYY PaaCkk”You don’t generally get voice comms of that kind of calibre at this kind of level”

I feel like half of this series is you just having fun with your video editing/replaying tool

When you learn more in OverAnalyzed than your whole entire life of schoolI WILL NOT FIGHT WHEN 3 OF MY TEAMATES ARE DEAD

This video is about D.va,    I’m just sitting here thinking that opposing Bastion had bad positioning and ulted way too early before fights. I could’ve done better.  lol

Their d.va used her bomb three times before this guy did. He wasn’t kidding when he said there’s problems, it was legit bugging me when he was playing defense, I mean I’m low plat and probably a better Dva then this guy is

I will go into a fight with 3 people dead

As a D.Va main, what you said was soooo true. Her ult isn’t only for massive team wipes. I find this a common mistake; selfish gameplay.


“4 supports don’t have enough damage” lol, he would be so triggered if he saw zylbrad winning with 5 supports

why is he holding on to his bomb so damn longggg

This is painful to watch.

Overwatch: Everyone Plays D.Va WRONG! – Meta Misconceptions

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Many players take a “paint by numbers” approach to what heroes to play, rather than looking at the map / hero matchups. There’s many heroes that will run amok if you don’t have a dedicated tank to isolate them, Pharah Doomfist and even Tracer etc. Not to mention, no matter how strong Rein Zarya is, if there’s highground to ferry your squishies to, you can ignore their brawling power and take stronger ground that spins circles around them. If you found the video useful, be sure to leave a like!

5:45 When you try to fly away from a charging Rein but Boosters is a tenth of a second away from being off cooldown.

I play Dva because it lets me fulfill a life long dream of being a teenaged Asian girl. How is that playing her wrong?

It’s been 2 years , we still don’t know how to play the game

This is basically how I play DVA, at times I’ll play defensively sticking to cover and firing missiles constantly. Other times, I’ll be rushing the enemy with the boost and shoot rockets at them. When I’m out of the mech, that’s when everything becomes basically a tactical shooter, with me just sticking to cover and being behind my team mates.

The problem with d.va mains is that they use theyre burst damage in a way too agressive way! Like say if youre team just respawned on defense in junkertown on the third point and the enemy pharah is just spamming down below at them, the average d.va’s reaction is too fly towards the pharah, while overextending, and then get mowed down by the enemy team because she landed right next to them! As a person thats willing to play any tank and has tons of experience at them theirs times where you must be agressive to get picks since you have the most bulk and damage and theirs times where you must be defensive and stay with your team for the greater good.

Why does it sound like you are shouting in my ears even though you are talking normally?

If everyone plays dva wrong doesn’t that mean you play her wrong too?

Everyone plays D.va wrong but not you…. mr HRISTOS


With 400 hours on dva and mainly playing her in high diamond low masters, I think she’s pretty damn good still

I’m honestly surprised that people are afraid to play D.Va these days, every single channel I know that plays her tells people she counters wombo-combos by DM just eating them. Did people just forget that tool exists as soon as Brig came out?

Liam: Hi we’re out of content again what should we doFreedo: We’ll pull out our trump card as we always do, duhLiam: What is it?Freedo: AND TODAY ON YOUR OVERWATCH (for the first time ever), EVERYONE PLAYS DVA WRONG!

Winning the squishy game with dva… while brigtte armor exists. GL

I just wanted to say thanks, I have learnt so much from you guys and you are so helpful, I have pushed from Silver to high Master. Thanks guys

How GRANDMASTER Players DESTROY With DVA D.va 2.0 | Mickie – Overwatch Season 6 Competitive Top 500

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For More Videos Like This One, Check This Playlist Out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLefC4eOMnbRF5Xm7uCjfU73bh0ybup9Df

It’s about time people started figuring out New D.va is the best DPS hero in the game now.

The problem isn’t the new Dva people, the problem is the healers in your elo.

She either needs 150 points more of armor, give her 1 more second of defense matrix, or decrease her cooldown for her thrusters to 3 seconds.She seriously needs a buff, a tank should not break like glass. Either giver her more armor, give her defense matrix a boost, or reduce the cooldown on her thrusters for a quick get away.😑

TOP 500 Tip, but possibly a bronze player commenting lol.

Dva makes my pee pee the big pee pee

Ik alot of people complain about new d.va “never being in mech” or “breaking like glass” and i had about 10-15 hours on d.va before the update… afterwards ive played 3x as much d.va!if you can get a good mercy OR 2 healers you wont “break like glass” I personally have had issues with her with certain comp that enemy may run….but for the most part i find her to be vary balanced, ive had so much success with this new d.va vs the old d.va

I used to be a D.va main until she had this change. Now i never see a D.va in her mech anymore. Her mech breaks like glass

I’ve mained dva for a while, her kit kinda just synergies with the way i like to play. After watching this video my game has become so much stronger, like I immediately noticed a difference, thank you for the help.

Pushing mercy off her heal chain is a thing of beauty

Hey guys, im a d.va main currently i think the 60th best d.va according to overbuff, and i just want to point out that d.va is not usually this crazy strong as she seems in the video, the ana in this game was just AMAZING.

I don’t know, he was a little too offensive, not really sticking with the team

>grandmaster>thinks Dva was nerfed

Yea Joe it’s pronounced Mickie like the Disney Mascot. He is a Dva player who plays for Envyus he is from Thailand, his real name is Pongdaponpong

A bit of an adjustment for sure.

The life of a D.VA player

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D.va:Nerf thisBlizzard:okD.va:wait wot

The song is “D.va Has Come” by TOBYNOH (토비노) on soundcloud

Did u know? If ur baby DVA and u want to summon ur mech but it’s like 2%, u can just go back to spawn pick another character and then pick DVA again, BOOM U HAVE UR MECH! (But ur ultimate will restart) Blizzard is probably going to get rid of this in the future if they know about it XD)

8:25 anyone else die here?

6:46 let’s drop the BEEAAAT

The editing is on ITS FINEST!! Ooooooo


7:19 is the best bit

6:48 IM DEAD. I need a 1 hour ver.

00:00 its thicc

Best reload cancel ever. I’ve never seen something that could be so well applied in any game

7 months hath done passed since this video doth been released and for over half a year, that D.va transition song has been calling me.I searched far and wide for such a little tune, to the point, where I gave up.Now, I come to this video to listen to such a small beautiful toon.My friends ask me “Wtf is wrong with you?”and to them, I do wanted to do for 7 months…Screams in Korean

5:38 music plz

Friendo, you need music credits in your descriptions. Scummy thing to put good music and not give people a source.

7:09 XxProReapsxX is Muselk right???????


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