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Minnie Riperton – Lovin’ You live on The Midnight Special 1975
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– by the way, when she starts singing “Maya, Maya, Maya” at 3:25, that’s her daughter Maya Rudolph she’s singing to. I think that’s pretty cool. what could be cooler then Minnie singing to her daughter this way. we should all be so lucky.
– I saw Minnie back in the day at the Allen Theater in Cleveland where she opened for Norman Connors and George Duke. After she sang the crowd wandered out of the theater like they were walking on air. Her voice was so much stronger than on record and her high notes were incredible.  Stunning!
– I have NEVER heard such a gifted female singer and I’ve heard many. Back in this era of music….there was no auto-tunes & computer/synthesizer enhancements were just beginning to be created and not widely used. If you were going to be a star singer/ musician…you had to be gifted! You had to be able to ‘SANG” as we say! And it’s an understatement to say Minnie Riperton was gifted….she was anointed by GOD! Not only did she have an unlimited range but….the clarity of the notes she sang was simply amazing. She played with the notes vocally and she never struggled to reach a key. YUP…she was stolen from us much..much to soon. Thank GOD for YouTube and shows like “The Midnight Special” that recorded these amazing artist. If not for these recordings….. I believe this younger generation that never saw Minnie wouldn’t believe an artist of her gifting ever existed! Thank You MinnieRipertonCHANNEL for posting this beautiful “sample” of her
– I am a huge life long fan of Minnie.. from the 1st time I heard her sing…
– The performance is utterly stunning.  What a huge talent she was. 
– Totally spellbinding.
– Hot damn!!! Now that’s talent
– She was really talented and had such an amazing voice!
– R.I.P. Minnie….such an amazing talent lost way to soon! I have always loved this song….
– Spellbound!!
– Those baby breath flowers in her hair are beautiful!😻
– Incredible! Her voice is just insanely good!
– true goddess
– Maya Maya! Minnie taking it to the next level with this performance
– WOW!!! I know maya has to feel so close to her mother when she hears this. WOW Maya Maya maya sucha legacy.
– That’s called “whistle register.” Wow is right. Cancer took her from us. Makes me sad.
– gorgeous!
– Words can’t describe talent like this!! BEAUTIFUL!!
– She looked beautiful and she sang so beautifully. She sounds better than the recording. Singers today don’t even try to aspire to this level of talent or try to touch audiences this deeply which is sad because things are supposed to improve with the passing of time. Not the case here. 
– wow…just wow…..


Maya Rudolph’s Impressions
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– Her Gwen Stefani is more Gwen Stefani than Gwen herself.
– “If you wanna twinkle with my little star”..she made it sound so suggestive lol
– That Gwen Stefani! OMG!!! Can’t get any better than that! lol
– does anyone else notice how sang EXACTLY like Gwen Stefani’s pitch? im so mind blown right now…
– I love her Gwen Stefani voice.
– She nail Gwen tho lmao
– that gwen stefani impression was so spot on
– is it just me or is Maya Rudolph extremely attractive??
– Outstanding Gwen Stefani, she made that up on the spot too..
– I’m stuck in another goddamn Ellen loop.
– her Gwen Stefani one was on POINT.
– She had 3 SECONDS to think of a Gwen Stefani impression and she did that???!!!!! OMFG!! DAMN MAYAAA!! My favorite snl actress btw..!!!
– Maya is so f-ing spot on w/ the impressions. She’s great. 
– I love when Ellen knows exactly what her guest is doing, but she puts on that clueless smile and lets them desperately free-play for more time just to entertain herself and the audience. I love Ellen.
– Her mom is Minnie Riperton !!! So talented !
– OMG, she did a perfect Rihanna at 2:27, how Ellen didn’t get that? LOLLLL
– The Gwen impression was on point!
– Minnie Riperton’s baby… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Minnie
– she was bang on with the gwen stefani impressions. why have I never heard of Maya before?


Minnie Rippleton’s Daughter Maya Rudolph
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– At the end of the song “Lovin’ You” Minnie sings “Maya, Maya, Maya”
– omg I didn’t know that was her daughter!
– “What does she do there?”. “She sings.” 🙁 :-)
– I just found this out! Crazy..
– the surname is Riperton….. not Rippleton.  Just FYI…. respect the talent; respect the name.
– S*** Didn’t expect to bust out crying. What a cool mom/daughter bond. Timeless.
– I can’t look at Maya without laughing because she’s so funny. Didn’t know she’s Minie’s daughter. That explains her good voice ability.
– I cry every time I see this episode because my mother battled cancer and thank God my mother survived! I guess it is just a sensitive subject and how Minnie reminds me of my mom and how I would pray every night that she survives because I want my children to able to know her and not just hear stories about her like I did wit my grandmother (my Mom’s Mom)
– One of the hardest parts of being a motherless daughter is having children and they never get to know grandmother , or of course grandfather
– You can tell this is a sensitive subject for her. I cried just by watching this little part.
– I did not know that Minnie was Mya’s mother.
– Makes me think of my family. My grandma and grandpa died and my sister was too young to remember them. The only thing she remembers is her grandmothers funeral and that’s heartbreaking to my parents. But, you have to tell them about how they were when they were alive. It’s the right thing to do.
– awwww. may god bless their family and family legacy.
– She does sing in heaven.
– So sweet an true. shes still singing sweet lady
– Why do so many special talented and worthy people die yet the garbage like trump and Putin lives into old age?
– if y’all didn’t know that was her daughter that goes to show that y’all don’t pay attention to shit and you guys are doomed
– Wow! little La La! That’s what I think of when I hear Loving you and hear Minnie say that’s her daughter in background she wants to sing. Maya is a wonderful actress. I would have never associated the two as being related. It is always amusing to think aw whom ever is related. 
– I love how she gave two of her kids her mom’s name as a first name and middle name


Maya Rudolph cries during “Finding Your Roots “
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– When he said 5 i thought about my daughter as well. Damn that sucks, hopefully one day we will all come together and live in peace. Something epic will have to happen first
– Slave owners had no heart. A 5-year-old? really? like an animal?
– This show sheds light on the details of horrors in slavery days gone by. It also makes those who never thought slavery affected them to realize it did.
– she isn’t faking tears and she is a good actress
– You have to remember those bastard Master’s … Only owned the body … They never owned their souls
– 32 slaves?! Horrible! Didn’t you have to be very wealthy to own slaves? That man had so many!
– I think the Grigsby descendants should be made aware of the fact (if they don’t already know) that their ancestors had slaves.
– What a sweet, beautiful person. I just love her so much.
– God damn when you think you can’t love Maya Rudolph more….
– That’s what heaven is like you meet all your ancestors and they envelope you in love
– i thought of the deaths caused bc of the salem witch trials my 11th great grandma was hung during them. history is dark and still connects us
– I cried as well
– I started to cry too. Smh this country
– I love this show.
– How can I pay someone to do this for me?
– love you sweet Maya
– Tears!
– her father asekenazi
– I’m a Grigsby too! Whats so ironic as a young girl I would play Minnie Rippleton 45 record over and over while my sibling would be outside playing, also my sister Shauna and Maya looks a lot alike. I have an uncle name Manuel Grigsby.
– I’m at work, watching this, trying my best to not cry in front of my co-workers This is so sad :/


MInnie Interview 1979
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– she knew she was dying and yet she was had so much happiness and light about her.
– You would never know she was sick from this interview. She kept going up till the end. She knew she was dying and she was very vibrant.
– She died in her husbands arms 🙂 R.I.P- Minnie Riperton 
– She passed away within a month of this airing. R.I.P.
– I love how her husband was the first on call…true love !
– She is so pleasant to listen to. I know her husband loved her so much. He cried during an interview.
– Minnie showed such strength and courage during the final stages of her life. Cancer did not ravage or emaciate her beauty. To see her so composed and I know she had to be in a lot of pain. What an amazing woman. Much and love and respect to you Minnie Julia Riperton her inner light still shines😇
– She will go down in history as having the prettiest voice put to music. She was lost too soon. She was pretty inside and out. RIP my sister. Your music lives forever!
– Minnie looks so healthy and pretty..hard to believe she died shortly after this interview.
– what a sweet woman :)
– Today they would Photoshop the lion.
– She was pretty.
– She was so beautiful and so down to earth. RIP Minnie. Her daughter looks just like her. 🙂 
– American black queen an icon so sweet beautifull inside out
– She seemed to have a good sense of humor. Very beautiful person and voice.
– Those damn fools put her in harms way! It’s a shame she trusted them so much. I don’t blame the lion ….. he was just being a lion. I blame them damn “so-called” experts, who were supposed to look out for her well-being. I also don’t like the way the host patronized her (tried to make her sing on a whelm ….. “sing this,” “now sing this…”) ; fucking jackass!!! This woman was a beautiful spirit. What a loss
– I’m a classic rock guy, but have deep respect for this lady. I’m old enough to remember when Loving You was a hit, and when she died. Sad for us but happy for Minnie as she’s spending eternity wrapped in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and all of her loved ones who’ve passed.
– R.I.P Minnie 1947-1979
– If anybody knows anything about what cancer can do then know one day the patient can be lively and dealing with it, then the very next day sometimes a couple of hours comatose! I hate that demon for a disease
– No! that was my husband.. I know that’s rite… I wish you were still here…❤❤❤


Various Artists singing Loving You by Minnie Ripperton (Head Voice/Whistle Register)
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– Why does shanice make me laugh? Trying to hard idk
– 7:05 WTF She lipsync…
– leah mcfall slays the others :x
– I love this video, but only Minnie Ripperton, Adam Lopez and Georgia Brown did whistle notes here. The rest did ALLLLL head voices, except for Leona and Shanice who used Super Head voice. Isn’t that clear the difference between head voice and a whistle note? I can distinguish them by far, they’re not that similar. Great video btw, I LOVE Minnie. <3
– Minnie’s voice was angelic…
– So are we just going to ignore the guy saying “Shalalala”? There is no sha, sir.
– 6:22 having dancers for this song hella extra lmaoo
– Leona Lewis is a phenomenally amazingly talented singer, it’s so ridiculous that she’s criminally underrated!
– Half of these women butchered the whistle its not about being loud its more for me being angelic and having a soft tone yet being powerful
– Lol, I thought Shanice was Tiffany Pollard in the thumbnail 😂😂
– Shanice’s runs are so out of place it hurts.
– Georgia brown singin all in your mind By Mariah Carey 10:41
– Minnie>All
– All good but Minnie is still queen.
– You clearly see where mariah carey’s influences come from when you hear Minnie
– some ruined the LaLalalala part, so I’d have to say Leonas was the best, Georgia Brown sounded good, the dude threw me for a loop, no offense, and Minnie is the best
– Jesus played Minnie’s guitar
– shanice does sing and look like a porn actor omg put that tongue back gurl😅
– Leah McFall had to be my fave
– Here’s the thing: Minnie Riperton had the highest whistle register, and the best enunciated, in recorded history. She could sing lyrics in the whistle register and they were perfectly clear, not just ‘Aahh-aahh-aahh…. Plus she could add another octave to what these various Riperton-wannabes are doing in imitation of her. No matter how hard I try, I cannot whistle as high as Minnie Riperton could sing, with ease and control.


MINNIE RIPERTON at 1976 American Music Awards
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– Aretha was a hot mama when she lost that weight in the 70s.
– It would be fun to see an entire 1970s broadcast of American music awards..
– Aretha was gorgeous
– Aretha and Minnie look so beautiful 
– Whitney looked like Aretha, not the other way around.
– The early to mid seveties was definitely Aretha’s years . She was absolutely gorgeous!
– dang when Michael was Michael…
– Aretha was a stone fox before gaining all that weight
– Aretha looked so much like Whitney
– I almost cussed you guys out for not knowing the difference between Aretha Franklin and Minnie Riperton. Then I watched the whole thing. Lol.
– Wow Whitney was alot like Aretha from the walk to the garmenta…to the hair….just a though.
– Aretha looked amazing ! never seen her beautiful like that !
– she was so pretty
– Dang Aretha looked good!
– Minnie Riperton was sexy
– omg… look at how small aretha was. Notice that the audience group has on tuxedo’s and gowns not hoochie dresses and T shirts with baseball caps. Dana T.
– This was always  the version of Aretha I like the most. She was gorgeous in the first half of the 70s, but here she’s almost perfect. The only thing was missing was her AFRO. Seeing this made me realize why I love N’DAMBI so much: because she looks like this version of Aretha…WITH the ‘FRO!
– Dang when Michael was black. He looked amazing
– When i saw minnie vs aretha at the grammy award its like seeing mariah vs whitney at the grammy


Monologue: A Mother’s Day Message from Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph – SNL
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– I’m not surprised that Maya’s got a wonderful voice considering who her mother is.
– To think someday their kids will watch this video.
– It saddens me to think that Maya Rudolph lost her mother when she was barely 7 years old.
– Now that’s what I call an opening. Said Tina’s baby.
– Baby Kristen Wiig cracked me up. xD
– I hate that they can all sing as well. SO JEL.
– What about Kristen slaying all that improv at the end?!! And Maya is just stun!
– I didn’t notice she was pregnant until she pointed it out
– It’s hilarious but those babies creep the shit out of me.
– This is one of the best SNL Monologues! I hate myself just for finding out about it right now!
– If I have a daughter I’m going to name her Maya, she’s amazing!
– if tina’s baby is as versatile as kristen, i guess i will fall in love with snl again when that girl join the cast
– wow wearing those heels and pregnant and she just walks down like its nothing
– I didn’t know Kristen could sing that well
– omg kristen at the end she can like really sing <3
– Tina fey has a great voice !!!!
– genitals on American TV? That must have been the only time.
– They’re both great singers! wow, awesome job!
– Why is Kenan singing “just the tip”?


Mom Jeans – SNL
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– This is hilarious considering mom jeans are now quite trendy
– “im not a woman anymore, im a MOM” im fkg DEAD XXD
– its funny to see this clip in 2016 when these mom-jeans are in style for young women now. fashion = best hoax ever.
– Omg who’s mom also wore these in the 90’s?😂😂
– “she’ll love the 9-inch zipper and comfortable pleats!”
– i asked my mom for mom jeans from forever 21 and she sent me this video instead
– And this is the reason why JC Penny died. It is 2016 and probably are still selling the same jeans as 1992.
– amy poehler KILLS me when she skips to the car in those capris
– I use to laugh my ass off to this years back now I have a wife and three kids. Never thought I’d be seeing the mom jeans but they are in her dresser 😳
– Nothing screams 90’s lesbian fashion better than Mom Jeans.
– The look Chris Parnell gives to Rachel Dratch when she comes out in the shorts haha
– I wanted to buy those last week and now I’m embarrassed. Thanks, SNL :D
– They nailed this. Those pants are so unattractive.
– I’d like to believe they coined the term mom jeans
– Just looks like a full house episode
– Yeah jeans like that exist because sorry to say but having a baby destroys ur body sometimes lol
– I love the song in the background “Giving up, Giving up, put on your mom jeans!” 😂😂😂
– 2018 and mom jeans are in
– I think about this every time I pull my mom jeans on.


LIFE OF THE PARTY Trailer (2018)
Tags :
– Who love mellisa mcharthy leave a like
– this movie is a rippoff from back to school movie
– Enjoy the new Life of the Party #Trailer, starring Melissa McCarthy, Gillian Jacobs & Maya Rudolph! Ring the notification-bell to see every upcoming video from us first!
– 😂👍🏼
– Wack. She is a knockoff Chris Farley. Your argument is invalid.
– I’m only here because listening Christina Aguilera new Song, start at 0:12
– Il hate this uggly woman
– 1:18 isn’t that like Benward from Disney onl
– wow she is so boring.
– I love her
– turn off your google ahahahahaha
– I really wana see this.
– circle institutional closely my dream compare sword overall compromise reach central publisher.
– 0:11 who saw the drawing of the goldfinch ;-)
– Made me Gag! VA Google??? Blahhh
– Second
– First
– Same shit, different movie
– 6
– va-google? pathetic.



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