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Leslie Moonves, CBS chairman and CEO, exits company
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– These sexual predators are everywhere. I just don’t know why we women hold it in so long.. I mean, I know that it’s shameful but I wish that we were stronger than that..
– It’s about f@#king time he left, too, the old perv!
– what about his wife, Julie Chen????
– Julie chen needs to go with him
– Karma, seeks its level!👈👍
– Now CBS reporting on their own that’s a first!😰😰
– …and he won’t be the last to go
– Least watched network.
– All of these incidents took place between 1980s and 2000….40 years ago. How can you defend yourself against a 40 year old charge? I think this is Shari Redstone trying to force Moonves out. She unleashed Ronan Farrow.
– Shari Redstone must be very happy tonight.
– What’s going to happen to Julie Chen aka his wife?
– CBS, Your new head must stop the airing of fake news NOW.
– This story blows
– ©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍✍ I posted this on day one of the story:. Bye 👋 No Les no more. Now he’s out!
– I hope Fox news takes over fake news CBS
– I always feel badly for the innocent family members, his wife Julie Chen and his 4 children. They are victims,too, of these predators.
– Is President Trump is getting involved in the Pactiv food packaging workplace terrorism discrimination case? where a black employee was threatened by operations manager totally ignored by the HR department and was as it at the retaliation fired! Pactiv parent company Reynolds Wrap 5250 North Street Canandaigua New York
– Julie Chen … remember what you said about Camille Cosby for sticking by her husband…. don’t be a hypocrite let’s see you do what you said she couldn’t do….
– So this where the flowers of politics according to women’s law. How they going to go forward now, THEY OBVIOUSLY MADE A BIG MISTAKE. Is there another politician Novell we shouldn’t know about.


Les Moonves Accused Of Sexual Misconduct | The View
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– They did it to Bill Cosby and had black folks ready to lynch him and take everything he worked for..He is white, look how many excuses they can make in less than five minutes ..
– No, no treat him the same way y’all treated Bill Cosby.
– How do you think Julie Chen got all of her gigs on CBS??? He was married when he met Julie Chen.
– “Just because he was a good guy to you doesn’t mean he wasn’t horrible to someone else.” Yes Sunny!
– Julie Chen has publically stated she is standing by her meal ticket. Oops, i spelled husband wrong. My bad.
– Sunny is just too brilliant for this show. She is beautiful and smart.
– The ‘celebrities’ who have come out with the ‘i’ve known him 40 years and he’s never touched me’ defence sound ridiculous. How about those people extend their sympathies to the people who’ve had to endure this kind of abuse.
– Sunny: “Just because he was a good guy to you, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a horrible guy to someone else”. That reminds me of Whoopi’s many defenses of bad characters in the past, like saying Mel Gibson had never been racist toward her, therefore, he was not racist.
– Gee Meg, you didn’t have a problem with Al Franken loosing his job! So now you want to pick and choose?
– So how is it Weinstein hasn’t gone to court yet? Cosby has gone and Weinstein is just as bad or worse.
– Be careful Meagan, your father comes from that era. Don’t be surprised if women start popping up accusing him of this and that. It really was an era mentality that is closed – we hope! But Johnny Carson jokes, etc would not fly in 2018, but was funny in the 70’s.
– Being a “good guy” is often used as a weapon against the target. The more credible and loved he is, the more isolated and victimized she is.
– There should be no statute of limitations of sexual abuse, minor or massive. Forgiveness does not absolve you of consequences.
– Julie Chen committed adultery with Moonves, broke up his marriage, and her “career” is based on Moonves running the network in which she gets jobs. Of course she is going to defend her sugar daddy.
– Well he left his wife for julie chen so she slept her way to 2 shows that’s running now on CBS.
– Love Sunny and Joy.
– And of course the cowards on The Talk said nothing.
– Les Moonves and his current wife are not good people. Two peas in a pod.
– Liberals always protect their predators.. Conservatives always protect their predators.
– The chickens are coming home to roost.


The secret to Les Moonves and Julie Chen’s marriage | Larry King Now | Ora.TV
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– ¿What she thinks of him now?
– Easier said than done Julie. If my husband was a billionaire Id put up with more Hahahaha
– $$$$$$$$$$
– Sure julie wake up happy looking at that molester
– The secret: hush money!
– Trisha Takanawa sister
– Sounds horrible :-s
– Hope it is not true.
– I love Julie. I wonder if he moved on her like the others. If so, she must have thought she was the only one.
– She a mail order bride he brought over from China!
– So sad he is making julie have to deal with his bs.
– Julie is hot
– Doesnt get any faker than Julie Chen lol
– ashamed of her asian looks, cheater, slept her way to the top, got leah remeni fired and has the personality of a mop.
– Well !! You can go below the belt now.
– I bet she ice cold bish to him now brrrrrrr
– 💰💸
– Fake, no talent or personality… How did the casting couch work for you Julie?


CBS CEO Les Moonves Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations | TODAY
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– The fact that he’s married to a CBS employee speaks volumes about his character. There is something wrong with that picture. Hitting on your employees who are your subordinates is not cool. What if they turn you down? You will probably fire them for one small thing or give them no more gigs.
– He should be fired!!!
– creepy old white dude :v
– And to add to that, he tried to destroy Janet Jackson’s career.
– These are the same folks throwing rocks at Trump. And why do you think it is that most Americans don’t care about the fake news machinery?
– Same company Bill Cosby wanted to buy😆😅😊
– If Hollywood can live without Harvey, CBS can live without Les.
– These women did not come forward decades ago. Stop all these BS . It’s getting out of hand now
– Let’s not forget the comsumate creep: the man in the white hosue.
– Sad but true, this was the pervasive attitude for a very long time. A woman was considered second-rate citizens. Many cultures treated women this way, some still do. Men overall are having a hard time coming to terms with women asserting their rights and power
– Julie chen is calling her divorce lawyer immediately!
– This mf is worth over 700 million, I think he’ll be just fine.
– Cbs was always a boys cub
– Oh god, not him too.
– nothing is worse than NBC UNIVERSAL and all their channels the worst.
– Has Metoo, Timesup and the court of public to attack him?… Like they claimed Morgan Freeman a villian for flirting with women…
– Ronan Farrow has made a mountain of money off of other people’s pecadillos.
– When you dont prove before innocent, these is what hapoens, You allow these with Bill.
– This is Julia Chen’s out, hit me up girl
– Not sure why he’d need to be “held accountable” and requires immediate investigation while there’s a person with the exact same allegations (and involving more so-called “victims”) against him who’s running the White House but voters defend him, tooth and nail. Only further verifies double-standards people claim don’t exist when they actually do and are merely ignored. Must be nice to be above the law, especially in the United States.


CBS chief Les Moonves to step down as more accusers come forward
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– Julie Chen DEMONIZED Camille Cosby for sticking by her husband oh how Karma works!!
– Yet Trump has 17 accusers and nothing? And conservatives whine about a double standard….
– Hmmm…….I guess Julie Chen was the only female that responded favorably to his sexual advances. She got the ring. The television industry has known about this man’s indiscretions for years and did nothing to stop it.
– These golden parachutes are bull shit. People are starving but the rich get a huge windfall when they misbehave. Ethics are GONE in the US.
– Trumptards have declared war against reality
– I wish my company paid me even just a Million Dollars to go away…
– I am 64, all my life sexual abuse has been a free perk for powerful men. It is now an expensive perk. Keep it expensive.
– Women being assaulted and sexually harassed is common, and thankfully, some of the people committing these crimes are being punished. So many of these crimes are never investigated.
– Donald Trump wants to nail Ivanka and has been accused by over a dozen women but, hey, he hates immigrants and loves Christians so who cares right?
– MOONVES is clearly a well protected PERV
– What about Trump’s accusers? When is it going to cost him his job?
– offers more information. Many thanks to the women who spoke up and to Ronan Farrow, one of America’s finest examples of manhood. Teach your sons and daughters his name. And, maybe tell your grandparents about him, too. :)
– LMAO!!!! Suck It CBS!!!
– 1980 s and now this is brought out and TRUMP gets away with this …smh
– I hear Sean Hannity has some skeletons in his closet, why do you think Megyn Kelly really left Fox?
– Good go touch your wife now.
– Fire 🔥 Julie Chen next ☝🏽
– This Jewish man has also shown racism towards Janet Jackson shortly after her breast was exposed on national television., he silenced her music on the radio airwaves for 4 years. Gee, I wonder why she had no music released in that span of time… He should be ashamed of himself and his discraceful behavior. Enjoy your 100 million, with any luck you will no longer have an effect on women.
– beto 💙 beto 💙 beto 💙 beto beat lying ted Cruz in texas 😁😂


Stephen Colbert Says CBS Honcho Les Moonves Must Be Held Accountable
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– “I stand by my money…I mean man.”
– Stephen Colbert isn’t even funny💀💀💀
– Only morons care about what Stephen Colbert says
– Omg.. How ironic coming from Colbert … best buds with John Podesta and his crew… 🍕
– Incoming feminist
– fake virtue signals for a fake audience
– Colbert will be fired lol
– “And I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever, for the money”
– Please fellow viewer don’t read this comment section. Too many toxic conservative men that could damage your brain cells EDIT: this comment thread is proving my point even more
– He seems like a good person. Maybe it’s only some minor issues in the past.
– He said nothing but a blanket feel good statement for his leftard fan base.
– Just wait some Bimbo will accuse Colbert of sexual harassment and Ruin his career
– Jesus Christ loves you so much. Give your life to Him this moment. He wants you to be all His. He will help wean you from all other dependencies. Your security can rest in Him alone – not other people, not in circumstances. Depending on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may feel like walking on a tightrope, but there will always be a safety net underneath the EVERLASTING ARMS. So don’t be afraid dear ones of falling. Instead, look too our Lord because He will always be with you with an everlasting loving presence. ❤️❤️❤️ (Romans 8:39; Psalms 34:17-19; Deuteronomy 31:6; Isaiah 41:10; Psalms 86:15; Romans 8:38-39)
– lets all do our part and make sure leslie moonves doesn’t make it out alive
– I’m acting first but I’m not
– My sympathy is for everyone who has to work with sanctimonious Saint Colbert – I bet he micro-manages everyone and everything on his show. I actually feel the tension in my living room air while watching his show. He even controls the audience- i.e. chiding them because they ‘took too long’ to react ‘properly’. And jumps feet first on a man who has been accused but not adjudicated. Of course, he can cast the first stone because he is without sin. Yeah- right.
– He’ll have to sacrifice a walnut pizza to Moloch.
– Fact: Stephen spoke with Honcho before delivering that statement. Colbert did not go out on a limb here like he expects us to believe. Honcho knew Colbert was going to share this and was fine with it.
– These old rich people buying young people


CBS’ Moonves steps down amid sexual misconduct allegations
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– This #MeToo movement sure backfired on the liberals, didn’t it?
– Red pills are starting to manufacture themselves! At least Trumps obnoxious flings were consensual, and we all knew he had a past. These hypocritical holier-than-thou political police creeps were holding carrot-stick jobs over the heads of their victims while their hands worked below the belt.
– Liberals Democrats are hypocrites
– Imagine that… yet another high power media mogul who virtue signals METOO… gets caught up TOO..
– Another Liberal pervert steps down…thanks #metoo. The left just keeps eating it’s own 😆😂🤣
– Did he have sexy time with a beautiful young Blonde?
– Uh-oh…fire in the hole, here comes the Me too movement
– There you go..CBS. Your turn!
– CEOs stepping down due to sexual crimes…. just like Q said they would.
– Wonder if he is thinking not me too?
– More proof MSM is the enemy of the people
– It’s all about the swap, share holders in the end.
– *Allegations are the only “proof” required , under Marxism, to DESTROY lives, families, & businesses.
– Where is CBS Producer Shanica Johnson??? Doesn’t she have any “death to all whites” rants ready?
– Clinton Mafia Foundation took a big hit with Mooves having to give Me 2 movement 20 million.
– CBS is fake political news.
– ME THREE!!!!!!!!
– This explains why all the negitive press against POTUS, he knows he is guilty and hopefully there is a sealed indictment waiting for him. MSM is doing everything it can to keep Trump from bringing down the deep state, bcs they are all pedophiles and criminals who will be in front of Military Tribunals soon.
– Tarana Burke, they stole your movement and turnt it into a disgrace
– Its been reported that Julie Chin said that Les boom boom long time and he rove her rong tine and he boom boom rong tine and she rike iiittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CBS’ Leslie Moonves accused of sexual misconduct
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– Ha ha, one stupid liberal again in the run! 😄😄😍😄😄
– He’ll finger it out.
– it reminds me of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, you know the people that ran Fox
– I am so outraged at CBS, a liberal bastion for 2 generations, could have allowed a sexual predator to run the news division! We STILL don’t know if another CBS predator, Charlie Smith, was given a golden parachute with his exit. Why are liberals so tolerant of sexual predators???
– (((Moonves))), another tribesman from the same tribes as Weinstein, James Gunn, Polanski, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and Anthony Weiner.
– Isn’t Julie Chen an example of consensual humping your way to da’ top?
– He will fall like Winston Smith in 1984. There is no recovery unless you are part of the inner-party.
– Couldn’t happen to a more deserving hypocrite.
– OMG, that’s Julie Chen’s husband! She’s good at weekly evictions, she can add him to the roster, lol!
– Whenever there is a man accused of of sexual misconduct, there is a wamen looking to profit from it, and that wamen is Shari Redstone. Would not suprise me in the least if she planned the whole thing so she could get rid of Moonves and then merge CBS with Viacom. Notice how Viacom stock went up today? Yeah its differently a frame job by yet another wamen looking to take down a man.
– Sexual misconduct?…. what happened to sexual assault?……depends on how much money u make and who is protecting u….
– lol.
– Old news! Where ya been cbs?
– Sick
– Well, I hope that Chinese wife of his divorces him ASAP! Then Julie Chen will be fired from CBS.
– I don’t watch CBS anyway. However what heppened twenty years ago is not todays business. she should have spoken up twenty years ago. There must have been sme advantage to her in letting him get too friendlt. So what happened it wasn’t paying off anymore or he wasn’t interested in her anymore? This bullshit of coming out twenty years later is pure nonssnse. If he didn’t do wrong twenty years he didn’t do wrong. It’s ridiculous that a waomn can change her mind twenrty years later and you get the shaft! This is unacceptible! The day is coming when men will no longer want to have anything to do with women and they have no one to blame but themselves. MGTOW is not movement as some beleive. It’s self defense against oppressive femininsm. We’re getting mad and we’re not taking it anymore.
– This me 2 movement is foolishness. Majority of these ladies who coming forward just want fame and Money . WHY NOW AND NOT THEN . OHH BECAUSE YOU PLAYED A GAME AND GOT PLAYED. But seriously More Important things than this going on #GetReal
– cbs stocks fell i knew it wouldnt be long for something to happen at their office as well.
– Tee hee.
– Whenever there is a man accused of of sexual misconduct, there is a wamen looking to profit from it, and that wamen is Shari Redstone. Would not suprise me in the least if she planned the whole thing so she could get rid of Moonves and then merge CBS with Viacom. Notice how Viacom stock went up today? Yeah its differently a frame job by yet another wamen looking to take down a man.


CBS Chairman Les Moonves faces allegations of sexual misconduct
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– Excuses are tools of the incompetent…
– CBS is NOT law enforcement NOR the District Attorney. CBS News investigation would be incomplete and therefore inaccurate.
– Who does he think he is? Donald Trump? Maybe he should run for President, he has all of the same traits as trump.
– Dude keep your hands and lips to yourself , why? if someone wants to kiss u you u will know they want to and if they say no smile and leave um alone , Lord Jesus help us with this wickedness of bad neighboring skills
– What’s with big business that these people think women are just fair game for sexual games.
– Where is CBS News coverage of the details of the crimes committed?
– Will CBS Cover this story,or will they cover up this story?😲lol
– Just because he was nice to Linda Carter doesn’t mean he was nice to everybody else these overpaid TV channel big wings should understand they have limitations
– Sexual molestation by men is just a “norm” in “white” society and I believe it is very clear right now in the eyes of all non-whites. You either see the TRUTH or not, you decide.
– Get to the point. Sexual misconduct is a WHITE culture which has been going on all over Europe even back in the days all over Europe in their “prideful” European history. Speak the TRUTH, the truth hidden from the public.
– These ‘celebrities’ jumping on this with the ‘i’ve known him 40 years and he never touched me’ defence sound utterly ridiculous and should really spare a thought for the women who had to experience this. If CBS were serious, they would have sought an independent third party to conduct this investigation too.
– To Hell with that job To Hell with men predators Women keep your self respect Silent Never Again
– His Oriental wife who had massive facial surgery needs to side with the female sexual battery victims. She needs to divorce him and regain her character. She sold out years ago.
– While using the men’s room at the local supermarket Les Moonves walks in and starts to use the urinal next to me as he was shaking the last drop off his johnson he said …. wish I had a warm tight place to put this .. I replied Make A Fist
– These big wigs need to keep it in their pants
– one question i want to ask..if a woman walk up to man and kiss him knowing, is that sexual harassment?
– Step down. Lock this creep up
– His ass is toast.
– I believe WOMEN Cosby Wienstein Lauar Rose Simmons R kelly More More
– Like diss comment Goal 10k


CBS chairman Les Moonves faces allegations of sexual misconduct
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– Omg!! So tired of this. Why do they wait 20 yrs ?
– You know why MOST white men in the comments are unhappy about the sexual crimes the white man in the video has committed 20 some years ago? It is because MOST white men in America have committed some type of HEINOUS crimes in their past who are in “fear” of what is “coming back” to them as well. Well, you better get ready. This “is” the end times.
– Lol. Why didn’t they protect other women by telling earlier? Can u say money???
– Ellen DeGeneres is next the LAPD is coming after the Hollywood child molesters
– les moonves allegations are going on for decades.good its time for him to go down
– If he denies and attacks his accusers 40% of Americans (albeit the gullible ones) will believe him. Worked for Trump.
– I’m not white I’m jooish
– #METOO shit is now getting out of hand.
– Im sure he is guilty. Power of the time.
– So tired of this. Why do they wait 20 yrs
– This is bull because they always wait 20 years to say anything.
– Let’s not forget about Trump damn why they not holding his feet to the fire grabbing women by the p** without any consent multiple times throughout the yrs and he said it with pride like it’s something to be proud of that’s creepy af
– Les Moonves is enhancing his resume for a presidential run.. If trump can do worse and get elected, Moonves has a good chance at 2020~!
– Another one. It takes guts to tell what happened.
– “ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! toooooo! My glorious, feminist-sexist vaginahh is worth more rent than he paid ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!”
– Same shit different men different women why would you wait 20 years
– To all Moonves Supporters: Pack up your Circus and flee to your present safe zone: Canada!
– I was “sexually assaulted.” Les put his arm over my shoulder as we were walking and told me what a great guy I was. Then he grabbed me and gave me big hug. …LOL
– Here comes “another” WHITE pee pee toucher with their “magic hands”. White pride right there.
– Omg Keep Us Updated!!!!



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